Can 64-bit Elastix be installed on the XE3000?

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Yes, the XE3000 with 4G RAM can support Elastix 64 bit, but bear in mind that the standard DAHDI version installed in Xorcom PBX appliances is 32 bit. Therefore, when moving to Elastix 64 bit you will need to recompile DAHDI for 64 bit using Xorcom's source RPM.

Following are the instructions for recompiling DAHDI for 64 bit from our source RPM:

yum install rpm-build libusb-devel

cd /tmp


rpmbuild  --rebuild --target x86_64 dahdi-

The new RPMs will be created in the following folder:


Please install the dahdi, dahdi-devel and kernel-module-dahdi RPMs from there.

(rpm -Uvh <dahdi> <dahdi-devel> <kernel-module-dahdi>)