CompletePBX v. 4.5.3 Released

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CompletePBX version 4.5.3, which features improvements in management and security and a more efficient Endpoint Manager, has just been released. Following is a brief overview of the changes.

Specific Changes in CompletePBX v. 4.5.3

  • All system packages have been updated to the currently available versions.
  • The Endpoint Manager module has been modified as follows:
  • Routing Groups module: Previously, if a space character was used in the group name, the routing group would not be activated in the PBX dialing plan. Additional input validation rules have now been added to the module user interface to avoid this situation.

Table of Xorcom Rapid Recovery Images for CompletePBX v. 4.5.3

Image Name Server Model
CPBX-­4.5.3­-X123 CXR1000 (Celeron and Atom D425 CPU based), CXR2000 (Celeron, D525 and D2500 CPU based), CXR3000 (G850, E8400, Q9550 CPU based)
CPBX­-4.5.3­-X23-­RAID1 CXE2000 (Celeron, D525 and D2500 CPU based), CXE3000/CXT3000 (Q9550 and i3­2120 CPU
CPBX­-4.5.3­-X23-­RAID1­-TW CTS2000 (Celeron, D525 and D2500 CPU based), CTS3000/CXTS3000 (Q9550 and i3­2120 CPU based)
CPBX-­4.5.3-­X1234-­64b CXE4000. Can also be installed on CXR1000 (Atom D425 CPU based), CXR2000 (D525 and D2500 CPU based), CXR3000 (G850, E8400, Q9550 CPU Form: 7.3-2.8.5 ver: 01 Page 3 of 4 based)

Note: Images for CTS4000 will be released at a later date.