Do you have figures for the actual power consumption of the Xorcom servers and Astribanks?

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Sure do! Note that these are the typical numbers for Xorcom IP/PBXes and telephony modules (not the maximum numbers that appear on our data sheets).

32 port FXS (normal/ typical port usage) - 25 Watts

32 port FXS (all ports are busy) - 75 Watts

4 ports PRI - 12 Watts

The PBXes without telephony modules inside:

CXS1000 (Spark) - 1.75 Watts

XR1000 - 35 Watts

XR2000 - 45 Watts

XR3000 - 82 Watts

Compare those numbers to power-hungry proprietary PBX solutions and you'll see how "green" the Xorcom equipment is...